Cruise Nights

The Cache Valley Cruising Association is proud to support the Cruise Nights held in Cache Valley every summer.

They are held on Wednesday evenings from April 1 through the end of October.

Cruise nights are open to everyone interested in automotive appreciation. Bikes, trucks, Hot Rods, Classics, Muscle Cars,  Old & New.  If it makes you happy, bring it out and show it off.  Meet new people or say hello to old friends.

Each week of the month we meet at a different location based on the following schedule.

1 Wednesday
2355 North Main, Logan, UT
2nd Wednesday
339 North Main, Logan, UT
3rd Wednesday 68 UT-165 #120, Providence, UT
4th Wednesday
895 South Main, Logan, UT
5th Wednesday Mystery Cruise – Details will be given when there is a 5th Wednesday in a Month.