Main Street Parade


We are having the Main Street Parade as part of the 2019 Cruise-In.

So many people have been reaching out to us here at the CVCA and asking if the letter going around about the parade coming to an end is true or not. Well, yes most likely. To help solve any rumors, we want to help clear the air.

A couple months ago we received a bill from Logan City stating this is the cost the city takes on by helping put on the parade. It was just shy of $10,000. We then met with the mayor and said “we can’t afford to pay this.” She agreed to cover the cost one more year but suggested we figure out a way to come up with the money to cover from here on out. She also agreed to see if she could figure out some ways to trim her cost as well.

We returned to our club and discussed with members what had been discussed and it was brought to a vote wither we could afford this cost or not. It was decided and voted on that no, we couldn’t afford it (some years we don’t even have that extra $10,000 after we pay all our bills) and we would have to sadly let it go.

It was then decided we better let Main Street businesses know because it will effect them greatly when people aren’t coming into their stores and restaurants to buy food as they sit and watch the parade. From there, they were encouraged to contact Mayor Daines if they felt one way or another about the parade.

We want you to know that we understand where Logan City is coming with this. It is an expense. We understand that. We are not mad at the city at all. But just like the city can’t afford it, neither can we.
Ironically, the organized parade was started several years ago to help Logan City because, as some of us may remember, it was a crazy night. We were out till 5 in the morning dragging Main Street. No one stopped at red lights, no one sat in car seats. We were jumping from car to car and carrying on like rowdy kids. Police were spending hours and hours and lots of money to keep the streets of Logan safe and quiet. I believe it has worked in that aspect.

As a club we do appreciate all those who come down to the fairgrounds and support our vendors, attend our concerts, see these beautiful cars, and spend the weekend with us. Come down and see it. It’s a great way to spend 3 days. July 4-6

Brandon Douglas
CVCA President

The following letter was sent by the CVCA to the Mayor, City Council, and to many of the businesses along the parade route. (Center Street to 14th North on Main Street)

This letter is on behalf of the Cache Valley Cruising Association (CVCA).  We are a non profit organization that, for the past 37 years, has brought the Cache Valley Cruise-In, the largest 3 day car show in Utah, to Logan, at the Cache County Fairgrounds.  We are now and always have been, an all volunteer organization, no one in our club is paid for the hundreds of hours of labor required to put on this event.

We recently had a meeting with the Mayor concerning the Main Street parade which traditionally closes out the Cache Valley Cruise In on the first Saturday of July. This is where we restrict traffic on Logan Main Street from center to 1400 W. for an hour or so to allow our participants to cruise up and down main street in their show cars. Over the last 30+ years this has been an iconic event for our community and the car show participants.

Logan City, Cache County, UHP, and UDOT have all  worked with us over the years to allow us to bring this event on Main Street  to the community, and we  greatly appreciate all the time and energy the employees of these public entities have put in. However, Logan City has decided they can no longer sponsor the cost of this event specifically the additional man hours in the police department and other city entities that are required for this event.  They are going to charge our car club $7000 to $10,000 to continue this portion of our event. Unfortunately, we are not able to fit this additional expense into our annual budget, as we essentially turn all the proceeds of each year’s show Into putting on the Cruise-In for the following year. If we are to be  charged to have the parade we have no other choice but to discontinue it. We feel that this is going to have a negative impact on the businesses on downtown Main Street and Center Street and the local community that enjoy coming down to Main Street to see all the classic cars.

We know our event adds a considerable tax base to Logan City on that weekend with hotel rooms booked, sales in restaurants and gasoline purchased.  Our participants (800-900 show cars)  come from all over the United States and Utah to enjoy this fun weekend, many of them specifically because of the ending highlight of the show which is the Main Street parade. We are unique in our region and are one of a very few  car shows in the country that have a formal parade of just show cars for the community. We also know many people come down to Main Street to watch the parade have a bite to eat buy snacks and drinks and have a good time seeing the classic cars.

If you feel discontinuing the Cache Valley Cruise In Main Street parade will have negative impact on our community and the Main Street Businesses please let the Mayor know as well as us. If you do not step forward to voice your opinion on this change to the Cruise-In, this will be the last year the CVCA will be putting on the Cruise- In parade on Main Street. In the past UDOT has informed us that the permit for this temporary road closure of a state highway is grandfathered in and once this parade goes away it will never be brought back.

Email to the following:

Logan City Mayor Holly Daines:

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CVCA  Officers and Board Of Directors