Q & A 2020 Show

Below are some questions and answers about the 2020 car show.

At the advice of the local health department and based on the guidelines of the state many portions of the car show have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.

We worked closely with the Health Department and Logan City to decide if we could have the show. We were very hopeful that we would be able to put on the show in it’s entirety or maybe a modified version that would fit the guidelines of the state and Health Department. When it became apparent that based on current guidelines we could not continue with the show the decision was made to cancel.

In an event like the car show the planning and arrangements start month’s in advance. The venue is reserved, concert arranged, and advertising lined up. There are also many other things that are put into motion and many of them have expenses associated with them. Some of those expenses are fairly large and to just cancel the show means we lose the money paid out with no way to recover it. So as an association we tried everything we could to Make the show happen.

NO, there is still one event taking place

The events cancelled are

  • Car show
  • Top Rod of Utah
  • Poker Run
  • Cruise to Bear Lake
  • Burn out Contest
  • Top Rod of Utah
  • Award ceremony
  • Car Give-a-way
  • Swap Meet


The Main Street Parade DID NOT get cancelled?

It has been moved to Friday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The health department feels like the crowd can correctly social distance while watching the parade.

For those who have never seen the Cruise-In Parade, it can better be described as a Drive By Car Show. No candy (or other objects) can be thrown, and all participants must be seated in a vehicle (no walking alongside vehicles). It is not what you typically think of when you think of a parade, but it is often considered a parade because we get the permit to close the street down so participants can cruise without “Daily Drivers” or having to stop at street lights. Cars drive in both lanes north for the 14 blocks of the parade route, at which point both lanes flip a U-turn and head south again. Participants are allowed to do this as long as they wish, up until 8:00 at which point the road is opened back up to local traffic and all traffic laws must be obeyed.

To enter your car in the parade on Friday July 3, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm you need to come to the fairgrounds between 12:00 noon and 5:30 pm. The registration fee is $10.00 per car. This fee will help cover the cost of the permit with the state, insurance required by the state, and fees from Logan City.

COVID-19 or not, the 2020 Cruise-In is still Cruisin’! In discussing options with local leaders and the health department, a decision was reached that current restrictions would not allow for the other events to be held. There are too many places where people gather and social distancing would not be possible, including but not limited to: admission gates, vendor booth lines, restroom lines, the entirety of the Leann Rimes concert, the award ceremony, and the car giveaway. It was decided that a parade could still be held because each spectator family/group can distance themselves from the group next to them.

Letters have been mailed to everyone that has pre-registered a car and given the option to get their money refunded, or apply the money to their name for the 2021 show.

Short answer is Yes.

If you purchased your tickets through Lee’s Market place. Take your tickets back to them for a refund.

If you purchased your tickets on line and used PayPal to pay for them, refunds will come back to your card through PayPal.

You will have the option to get your money refunded or you can apply the money to reserve your spot for the 2021 show.

Yes. If you still want to come and camp at the fairgrounds you can. There is still a fee and this will be collected and charged by Cache County (Fairgrounds).

If you are a sponsor for the 2020 car show you will be contacted and asked how you want to handle your donation. You will be given the opportunity to get a refund, apply it to next year or use it toward this year. (We still have significant expenses this year even without the show)

No, The 1923 Ford T-Bucket Roadster will become the giveaway car for the 2021 show. The car is given away based off a number match from admission tickets, so without admission tickets to the car show, this is not possible.

You will be contacted and asked if you want a refund or if you want to apply it toward the 2021 show.

Hotel reservations will have to be worked out with each individual hotel as they are out of our hands.