Pre-Registration for the 2019 car show is closed.
But registration will be open at the show.

(We need a little time to put together the registration packets)
(When you pre-register we also use the U.S. Postal Service to mail back your confirmation. Since it takes a little time to input your pre-registration and mail you back a confirmation we need to close pre-registration early enough for all of this to happen).

Please come to the show July 4, 5 or 6 and register your car at the show.
You get the same goody bag and everything that goes with it.
We still have plenty of room for your car and hope to see you there.

Important Note:
Registration has moved to the Fairgrounds. It will be in the South West corner of the new building. Registration parking will be available at 500 S. 500 W.  After you register and/or pickup your packet you will leave the Registration parking area and go through the Main Gate. (The same gate we have used in the past.)