Preregistration for the 2023 show is currently Closed.

Preregistration (Early Registration) is currently  closed.

We plan on opening Preregistration around March 1st, 2023. If you have been to our show in the past you should receive a letter in the mail when it is opened. If we have a valid email address for you,  you will also receive an email when it is open.

The website will be turned on around that time and you can either mail in your registration or use the website and register and pay online.

If you don’t preregister you can still come to the show and register at the show. You get the same packets and goody bag it just costs a little more.

Thank you for your interest in our car show and for supporting it.

Important Note:

Because of ongoing problems and concerns we are changing our policy on saving spots for cars at the car show.

There will be NO saving of spots before Thursday morning. Any spots saved will be removed. This includes chairs, signs, canopy’s, stakes, flags etc. This also means if you leave a car we may tow it.

We are sorry for any problems or inconvenience this may cause.

Important Note:
Registration has moved to the Fairgrounds. It will be in the South West corner of the new building. Registration parking will be available at 500 S. 500 W.  After you register and/or pickup your packet you will leave the Registration parking area and go through the Main Gate. (The same gate we have used in the past.)