Poker Run Q&A

A list of frequently asked questions about the Cruise-In Poker Run are below.  Click on the question and the answer will appear below.  Please feel free to contact us if were not able to answer your question about the show.

Do I have to register my car to participate in the Poker Run?


Can I drive the route of the Poker run but not participate in the game?


If I am registered for the car show, do I have to go on the Poker Run?

 No. The poker run is provided for fun and to give you something to do on Thursday.

Where does the Poker Run start?

 It starts at the Hotel where we hold registration.

When can I leave on the Poker Run?

 You can leave any time between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

If I go on the Poker Run do I have to eat the meal?


Is there a fee for the meals?

Yes, All of the meals have a fee connected with them. The meals are provided by a local restaurant in town and the price is charged by them.