Car Show Q&A

A list of frequently asked questions about the Cruise-In Car Show are below.  Click on the question and the answer will appear below.  Please feel free to contact us if were not able to answer your question about the show.

The show is held the first Saturday in July and the Thursday and Friday before that. This means some years as in 2022 it is on Thursday June 30 – July2.  It can very from year to year.

We ask that cars not be left at the fairgrounds until Thursday. We have to mark off the various stalls etc.

There is no saving of spots for your car until Thursday morning. Any spots saved will be removed.

Yes, as long as the car is registered for the show and the registration placard is visible in the vehicle you can leave the car at the fairgrounds.

BUT NOT before Thursday morning.

The security is limited. There are numerous car show people (both club members and participants) on site 24 hours a day. Local law enforcement monitors and checks the fairgrounds off and on.

No, you can park in any location that is open.

Yes, within reason and only with things that won’t damage other cars if blown by the wind etc.

NOTICE: There is No saving of spots before Thursday morning. Any spots saved will be removed.

Yes but limit the space you use to the spot where you vehicle is located.