Swap Meet

A swap meet is available for those that have items that are normally sold in a swap meet. Those who bring items to sell in the swap meet will be required to wear a wrist band and will be given wrist bands when they pay the registration fee.

Questions about the swap meet can be directed to [email protected].  All swap meet spaces will be $40 per space. Cars can also be sold at the Swap Meet for $40 per car. If you wish to just sell a car you can do this without paying for a swap meet spot. Camping is offered but has become somewhat limited. If you want a camping spot call Ed Black at 435-757-2453.

Vendors from the previous year will have preference for spaces. This means most of the spaces will already be reserved and there may not be many available spaces.  If you want information about reserving a spot, email me at [email protected]  as soon as possible. You should also read and be ready to send the fully filled out Swap Meet application with a check for your spot.   To download an application/registration form for the swap meet click here

The Swap Meet mailing address is:

Swap Meet
P.O. Box 4072
Logan, UT. 84323


We will look forward to seeing you for our annual Swap Meet.
Again if you have any questions contact Ed black email: [email protected]