Swap Meet

A swap meet is available for those that have items that are normally sold in a swap meet. Those that bring items to sell in the swap meet will be required to wear a wrist band. They will be given the wrist band when the pay the registration fee. Everyone going to the swap meet will be required to have a wrist band (they are a registered seller at the swap meet) or they must pay for a car show admission ticket for each person going to the swap meet. Questions about the swap meet can be directed to (435)757-2453.

All swap meet spaces will be $30 per space on first come first serve basis.

Come early Thursday morning (8 a.m.) to get the spaces you prefer, we can no longer reserve or hold unpurchased spaces. Only spaces that have been fully paid on Thursday morning will be held with your tables and chairs.  We cannot make any exceptions. Please do not come with tables and chairs prior to Thursday morning as we will be marking spaces with paint and we do not want to over-spray anything that is in the way.  We cannot be responsible for any damage that may be caused from over-spray.

We would like to have everyone in place by Friday afternoon if at all possible.

There will be information on our web site with all contact information.
We will look forward to seeing you again for our annual Swap meet.
If you have questions contact Ed Black email: Swapmeet@CacheValleyCruisein.com

To download an application/registration form for the swap meet CLICK HERE