Registration Q&A

A list of frequently asked questions about the Cruise-In Registration are below.  Click on the question and the answer will appear below.  Please feel free to contact us if were not able to answer your question about the show.

Where is registration?

Days Inn & Suites - 447 North Main Logan, during the show or you can Preregister online during our preregistration which is typically between the Middle of February and the Middle of June. If you preregister you still need to come to the registration location to pickup  your packet and information.

What are the hours of registration?

Thursday 8:00 am 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am 5:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am 12:00 noon at the Host Hotel and then from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the main gate at the fairgrounds.

What is the cost to register a vehicle?

Before June 15 the cost is $25.00, At the show the cost is $35.00.

Can I register multiple vehicles?

Yes,  every car that is registered AND paying full price receives a goody bag. If you pay full price for 1 car you can pay a discount fee for additional cars. The discount fee is $10.00.
If you want a goody bag for each vehicle you need to pay the full price for each vehicle.

Any cars registered with the discount will only receive a placard and parade sticker. You do not get a goody bag, Admisssion tickets and wristbands.


What is in the goody bag?

The goody bag contains:

  • 2 wrist bands to allow 2 people entrance to the car show
  • 2 admission tickets for a chance on the car. These will be stamped saying they are not to be used for admission. We require car show participants to use the wrist bands.
  • Window placard for the registered car
  • Car Show dash plaque
  • Car show mug (This depends on sponsors and if a sponsor donates the mug)
  • Other items as donated by sponsors.

The registered car is also given a window sticker to be allowed on the parade route. This sticker will be placed on the window by someone at the main car entrance to the fairgrounds.

What do multiple registered cars get?

Cars that are registered as multiple cars ($10.00) only get the window placard. They will also get a parade sticker when the car is driven through the main gate. NOTE: Since the 'discount fee' does not contain wrist bands or admission tickets the driver will have to purchase them at the admission gate.

Why wrist bands?

We are asking all car show participants to wear wrist bands. This way we can tell at a glance who has brought cars to the show. It also makes it easier for you to drive in and out of the fairgrounds because you don't have to hunt for a ticket.

Are wrist bands and admission tickets interchangeable?

No, When you register a car and get a goody bag the goody bag will have 2 wrist bands to be used for show admittance. It will also contain 2 admission tickets that will be stamped “Not for Admission”, these are to be used toward the door prize drawing.