Bear Lake Cruise Q&A

A list of frequently asked questions about the Bear Lake Cruise are below. Click on the question and the answer will appear below. Please feel free to contact us if were not able to answer your question about the show.

The Bear Lake Cruise is a casual drive from the Logan Fair Grounds to Bear Lake.

No, there are no prizes for the cruise.

This cruise is Friday morning. We leave the fairgrounds in Logan around 10:00 am and should be back by around 2:00 pm.

Yes, the idea is to get to Bear Lake around lunch time.  You can go to any of the places to get your own food or a famous Bear Lake Raspberry Shake. There may be coupons provided for a discount at various places in Bear Lake.

No, The only cost is the gas your car uses and the meal you will eat.

Technically No. We are driving on public roads and since there is no games or prizes you can drive along if you want.

The drive is about 42 miles each way through Logan canyon. We will use highway 89 both ways for the cruise. If you want to be adventurous and see some different country you can come back to Logan by a different route. (From Bear Lake go North on highway 89 to Ovid, Turn Left on highway 36 to Preston and then left on highway 91 to Logan.  This route is approximately 90 miles )

No. You are free to follow the cruise over to Bear Lake and then pick a different route to come home.

From Logan to Bear Lake on higway 89 it is about 42 miles on way.

From Logan to Bear Lake using highway 91 and highway 36 it is about 92 miles one way. (Through Preston, Mink Creek and Liberty)

From Logan to Bear Lake using highway 91, highway 36, highway 34, highway 30, it is 158 miles one way (Through Preston, Soda Springs, Montpellier)