Special Features

The CVCA tries to make each Cruise-In the best event ever for our participants and spectators. While there are many local car shows ranging from business sponsors shows to car club sponsored events throughout the summer months that car enthusiasts may attend, our goal is to make the Cache Valley Cruise-In an outstanding automotive event that rises above other cars shows. We accomplish this goal by meeting the following objectives:

Annual Give Away Car – The CVCA has provided a giveaway car for each of the Cruise-Ins since 1985. Available to both participants and spectators and is won by matching a number drawn from entry ticket stubs to the numbered entry ticket held by the lucky winner, who must be in attendance in order to win. The giveaway car is obtained and improved by the CVCA in the year prior to the Cruise-In. Each vehicle is considered to be a street rod and in good drive-able condition. No other local show on a regular basis provides a complete and finished street rod as a grand prize to those attending.

Attendance – For more than twenty years the Cruise-In has attracted between 900 and 1,100 participants to each of our shows. Participants are primarily from Utah, but many come from other western states and beyond. Statics from the 2015 Cruise-In showed that our participants came from 18 states including Virginia, North Dakota, and New York. While 82% were cars from Utah, almost 1 out every five vehicles was from outside Utah and had traveled a considerable distance to be at the Cruise-In. We have many participants that have attend the Cruise-In for many years, some as many as 35 years! Our records show that about 2/3 of our participants have attended a previous Cruise-In, about 1/3 are first time attenders. Because of the broad based support of participants, the spectators, who are locally based, can attend the cruise-In and see many vehicles that they have never seen previously, and likely may not see again. Spectators at other local shows often see the same vehicles from show to show and do not see the variety and quality of vehicles that can be viewed at the Cruise-In.

Advertising – The CVCA actively promotes and advertises the Cruise-In on a national and local basis. Our national advertising includes full-page color ads in Street Rodder, Street Scene, CruZin Magazine, and the Latest Scoop. Local advertising includes multiple ads in local newspapers covering the area from Salt Lake City to Pocatello, Id, and a statewide periodical. Social media advertising is also accomplished.

Sponsors and Vendors –Each Cruise-In typically has over 100 sponsors and vendors that help us put on the Cruise-In. Help from these sponsors and vendors are a key factor to our success we have enjoyed. Participants and spectators alike can visit with the sponsors and vendors and see the latest street rod technology or get snacks or meals at the food vendors. Other local shows do not provide the wide range of information of products that are available at the Cruise-Ins.

Fairground Venue– The Cruise-In is held at the Cache County Fairgrounds in Logan, Utah. This facility is ideal for hosting the Cruise-In. Amenities provided by the fairgrounds include a show area on lawn with much of the show area in shade, a small open stream within the fairgrounds, and on site camping for participants. The ability to provide camping contiguous with the show space is a feature not provided at any other show we are aware of locally or nationally. Also, providing all show space on lawn areas and with many in shaded areas is another benefit provided to the participants; most venues which hosts a car show of comparable size place at least part of the participants on pavement. Additionally, because we are located in a mountain valley, summer temperatures are typically 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than nearby metropolitan areas.
Word of mouth Reviews – The CVCA staff have received many good reports of the Cruise-In from previous attendees. Typical comments include that the Cruise-In is just plain fun, the facilities are clean, the Cruise-in events and staff are great, and we will be back with our friends next year!