2014 Giveaway:
For its 30th Grand Prize Hot Rod, The Cache Valley Cruising Association has chosen a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger coupe, suitably warmed-over, of course! The original 318 Chrysler Corporation small block is long gone, replaced by a more muscular 360. Backed up by the venerable Torque-Flight automatic transmission, it makes for a pleasant, well-mannered cruiser that still has plenty of oomph available when you mash the “go pedal”. The exterior is bright orange accented by custom graphics and a huge six-pack hood scoop. Even though this was a “compact” car back in the day, the spacious back seat and bench front means it’s possible for you to bring along five of your friends when you go cruising. (And they don’t have to be as skinny as we all were “back in the day”!) It looks great as-is, but after we get through with it, with the help of our sponsors, it will be fantastic! Look for more updates as we bring this car up to our usual high standards, ensuring that one of you out there will be pleased as punch when the ticket numbers match and this Lucky Dart hits the bulls-eye!