2016 Giveaway:
1970 was a banner year for Chevrolet performance. It was the last year for high-compression performance engines and the first year for the second-generation of their wildly popular pony car, the Camaro. The example the CVCA found for its 2016 grand prize is the high-performance SS (Super Sport) model and has all the good stuff you could want. Most obvious is the RS (Rally Sport) option which includes the split front bumper and extended Endura grille surround. The custom black over green paint scheme is also eye-catching. When you get closer you will notice the highly-modified 350 engine, the close-ratio 4-speed, custom-trim interior, and 12-bolt rear end packed with 3:55 gears on a positraction carrier. The CVCA already has a few upgrades planned and there will undoubtedly be more as we contact our sponsors. Even as-is, this Camaro is a blast to drive and provides an excellent smiles-per-gallon return. I wish I’d bought it for myself instead of for the CVCA and I envy the eventual winner!