Top Rod of Utah

2019 Cache Valley Cruise-In partnering with AIS and PPG Paints presents The Top Rod of Utah Award.  This year we have a new addition to our already astonishing car show.  The Cache Valley Fairgrounds built a new event center that we will have access to.  So, this year we are creating a judged indoor event to compliment our outdoor exposition.
This event is geared for showcasing the local builders/shops, as a sort of builder showdown.  It will feature higher-end vehicle builds.  The vehicles will be in full display with carpets, lights, etc. These are full-blown show cars, where the bottom is as beautiful as the top.  There will be a full range of vehicles from mild to wild, all built by our local builders, the shops in our area.  I want to showcase, to bring the focus back to, the driving force behind our hobby; our lifestyle; our way of life.  Without the shops and builders in our industry, we wouldn’t have the amazing advancements we are growing with Performance, paint, electronics, everything that we want and strive for, these builders are the ones who bring new ideas to the table They go through the rigorous development and testing for new products so that we can get the refined products we have access to.  I want to be able to give back to them for helping our industry grow.
This event will feature 15 cars in spectacular form, for you to come and witness.  These Cars are show circuit cars, they won’t be showing forever.  Come see these amazing cars while you can.  We will also have automotive specific vendors lined up around the outside of the venue.  Please come and join us for the inaugural Top Rod of Utah Award.